1. Candidates provisionally selected after the interview will be intimated about the fees    payable to the institution.

2. Admission secured on the basis of false information supplied shall stand cancelled at any stage of the course and, the fees will not be refunded.

3. All correspondence with the college office in connection with the application can be entertained only when the application number is quoted and a self addressed stamp envelope enclosed.

4. Admission notification will intimate the date of commencement of classes.

5. Candidates who remain absent for the first three consecutive days, without prior permission shall forfeit their admission as well as the fees.

6. Admission granted is provisional subject to payment of all fees payable to the institution.

7. All Original Certificates submitted at the time of admission will be retained by the college until successful completion of the course and settlement of all dues.

8. Any fee towards eligibility, registration, admission approval etc., payable to Kerala University of Health Sciences will be charged extra.

9. For payment of fees, no option available for Installments.

10. Individual attention as far as possible will be provided throughout the programme.

11. Health Care - on admission every student has to undergo a medical examination.Medical care will be given to them in case of illness at MIMS Hospital as per the Student’s Health Care Scheme. 

12. Vacation planned according to the curriculum of the course. If a student fails to return after vacation, the respective batch co-ordinator should be intimated immediately; followed by a written explanation and it should get an approval from the Principal or course coordinator. On return they should produce a medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner.. Normally students are not eligible for any other leave except sick leave.

13. Discipline : Students are expected to behave with dignity and decorum and maintain code of discipline of the college.

14. Dress Code : The students shall have to observe the common dress code of the Institution. They shall wear College ID card and girl students shall put up their hair while in the campus and sufficiently covered foot wear shall be used by all. They should wear Lab coats before entering the clinics and Labs.

15. Maintenance of discipline and punctuality is part of good student practices. Serious lapses in discipline and character shall be seriously dealt, even leading to removal of his/her name from rolls. His/Her continuance will be considered to be only when detrimental to the best interest of the institution. The management may order such student to leave the college.

16. No fees paid by the student shall be refunded. The management’s decision in this regard shall be final.

17. Students once admitted to the college will not be permitted to withdraw. If he/she does so, fees paid by him/her will not be refunded. On the other hand he/she will have to pay the fees of the full course to get released from the college, if candidate admitted against Govt. seats discontinues in the first year (after the cut off date for closing admissions fixed by the Govt.) to join other courses/colleges or for other purposes. he/she is liable to pay liquidated damage equal to 4 times the annual tuition fee paid by him/her for the first year. In all such cases the Transfer Certificate will be issued only after the remittance of liquidated damage to the authority concerned.

18. Every student is required to familiarize himself/herself with the rules laid down in the prospectus and also formulated and announced by the management from time to time.

19. Students must not absent themselves from classes, practicals, clinical postings and examinations without prior permission of the Class Co-ordinator and should get approval from the principal or Course Co-ordinator. Such absence without permission may lead even loss of a term.

20. Students must not attend classes other than what is scheduled for them without the special permission of the lecturer concerned.

21. No society, union or association of the students shall be formed in the college and no outsider invited to address a meeting without principal’s specific permission.

22. The fees will be charged based on the expenses incurred on education and other facilities offered. Students are expected to meet the expenses.

23. If any students is getting married during the period of study he/she will have to make their own arrangements for substitution of duty while in clinical posting.

24. Stipend will be paid to the students during their Internship period as per the University or Government norms.

25. Management reserves the right of making any addition to or omission from or alteration in the above rules and regulations including fee structure, without prior notice.

26. In all matters, whether they are covered or not in the existing rules, decision of the management shall be final.