Parent Teacher Association

Inauguration of PTA was held on 1st Jan. 2009 by Dr. Lilly.M, Principal MIMS College of Allied Health Sciences and Dr. George.K.A, HOD, Lab Medicine in the presence of Course Co-ordinator, Teaching and Non teaching staff of MIMS College of Allied Health Sciences and the Parents of the students admitted in the college.
Following are the names of the elected executive committee members.

Office Bearers:-
President : Dr.M.Lilly
Vice President : Fr.S.Scaria
Secretary : Mr.Suhas.K.T
Joint Secretary : Mrs Shyja
Treasurer : Ms.Nimmy Mathew

Executive members:

1) Mrs. Jyothi
2) Mr. Ibrahimkutty
3) Mr. Shekharan.M
4) Ms. Afna.T.T

a) To foster and promote good understanding and co-operation among members of teaching staff, students and parents/guardians of the students of the college.
b) To cultivate keen interest in the working and progress of the college.
c) To encourage all guardians of the students of the college to co-operate effectively and actively with the college authorities in maintaining discipline and high standards of learning and conduct among the students.
d) To design suitable ways and means to prevent students unrest and to assist and co-operate with college authorities in running the college smoothly during times of stress if any.
e) To represent before the authorities or before management regarding equipping, staffing or improving the college.
f) To discuss, decide and implement ways and means to raise funds to support the college if needed.
g) To make any additions, alterations or amendment to these rules for the better smooth and effective working of the association.
a) The guardians of all students who are in the roll of the college are eligible to be the members of the association.
b) All full time teachers of the college shall be the members of the association with the enrolled members.
c) The guardians of the students of the college are expected to join the association and they shall be required to fill in a membership form at the time of admission of their ward to a course of study in the college. Membership fee Rs.2,500/-
a) The administration of the Association shall vest in Executive Committee, herein after referred to as committee, elected for the purpose.
b) The committee shall consist of;
• A President
• A vice president elected from among parents.
• Secretary.
• Joint Secretary elected from among parents.
• Treasurer

Not more than 7 members of which at least 2 shall represent parent/guardian.
c) The term of office of the committee shall be for a period of one year( the year for the purpose shall be the academic year)
d) A committee once elected shall continue to hold office till the end of the academic year or a new committee assumed charge, whichever is later.

Duties of the Office Bearers:-


a) The Principal shall be Ex-officio President of the Association.
b) He/She shall have control over the affairs of the Association and shall preside over all committee meeting and the meetings of the General Body.
c) He shall have powers to convene meetings of the Committee and of the General Body either on his own initiative or on the written requisition of at least 5 members in case of the committee and 15 members in case of General Body Meetings.

Vice- President:

a) He/She shall be elected from among the parents/guardians.
b) In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President.


He/She shall be elected from among the teaching staff.
He/She shall have the following powers:-

a) To enroll members.
b) To maintain proper registers and records, to keep in safe custody all official papers of the Association and to attend to the day to day correspondence of the Association.
c) To convene meetings of the Committee or of the General Body when authorized to do so by the President.
d) To keep a correct record of the proceeding of all Committee and General Body meetings.
e) To perform all other functions as may be assigned to them from time to time by the president or by the committee.
f) To incur such expenditure as may become necessary.

Joint Secretary:-

He/She shall be elected from among the parents/guardians.

a) He/She shall assist the secretary in discharging the duties on his/her request.
b) He/She shall perform the duties of the Secretary in his/her absence.

Treasurer :-

He/She shall be elected from among the staff members of the college.

a) He shall be the sole custodian of all the funds of the Association and all the connected account books, receipt books, vouchers, passbook etc.
b) He shall have powers to operate the Accounts of the Association and to incur such expenditure as may be approved by the Committee.
c) He shall maintain proper records of all receipts and payments and such records shall be presented before the Committee at its meetings.
d) He shall get the annual statement of accounts prepared and audited and such audited statements shall be placed before the committee and the General Body.
e) He shall keep an imprest advance of Rs.500/- to meet unforeseen expenses. The balance amount shall be deposited in any scheduled bank approved by the General Body.