1. To produce good Lab Technologists, of Skills, Competence and Integrity
2. To train the students to carry out laboratory investigations accurately and provide reliable reports to facilitate proper diagnosis and prognosis of diseases.
3. To make awareness on the principles underlying the organization of a Clinical Laboratory.
4. To enable to perform routine as well as special investigative procedures in different
specialties of Medical Laboratory Technology.
5. To develop knowledge and skill in accordance with the demand in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology.
6. To qualify the students to get recognition and registration as Medical Laboratory Technologist.
7. To enable to operate and maintain all equipments used in the Laboratory diagnosis.
8. To make capable to support advance testing activities and Research.
9. To enable to work as Supervisor/Trainer/Teacher in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology.



BSc Medical Laboratory Technology is a four year full time degree course which includes a Dissertation Project in the final year. The course aims at providing highly competent and skilled Technical Personnel in the field of Laboratory Medicine.

MIMS College of Allied Health Sciences believes in providing a relief to the suffering humanity through proper education based on sound principles of scientific and Technological advances. To promote this noble profession, it is our duty to work hard for the advancement of this spe¬cialty to secure a place of eminence amongst the various branches of medical science. Medical Technologist is an emerging profession giving service to mankind in the promotion of health. Our faculty believes in training competent professionals who will be of good benefit to the needy in the field of health care.

For those career focused youngsters, this is a unique opportunity to pursue this great professional course from the Lecture. Like any other profession in the field, this has also an element of humanity, nobility and divinity.

The course has a balanced combination of subjects with a substantial component of medical subjects which include Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Molecular Biology. In addition there are basics of engineering related specialties like, Com¬puter Science and Biomedical Instrumentation Technology related to Cardiothoracic surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Respiratory medicine and Nuclear medicine are also taught during the course.


Duration of BSc MLT COURSE is 4 years and 6 months Internship.



1. Candidates who have passed Higher Secondary Examination of the Board of Higher Secondary Education, Kerala or Examinations recognized equivalent thereto, with
50% marks in Biology separately and 50% marks in Physics Chemistry and Biology
put together.
2. Candidates who have passed BSc degree (3 year course) Examination with Physics,   Chemistry, Zoology, Botany or Biochemistry as main and any one or two of the above subjects as subsidiaries, with 50% marks for main and subsidiaries together, provided t     they have passed Higher Secondary Examination of Kerala or others recognized as     equivalent thereto with Physics, Chemistry & Biology as optional subjects.
3. Admission to the Course is also open to foreign nationals who possess the above educational qualifications.
4. Candidate should have completed 17 years of age prior to the joining of the Course.



First yearSecond yearThird yearFourth year
AnatomyBiochemistry – IIBiochemistry – IIIBiochemistry - IV
PhysiologyGeneral MicrobiologyBacteriologyMycology
Biochemistry – IParasitology & entomologyCytologyVirology
Basic MicrobiologyHaematology – IIBlood BankingApplied Microbiology
ImmunologyClinical PathologyElectronicsHisto technology
Basic medical laboratory science Biomedical InstrumentationCytogenetics
Haematology – I  Project should be submitted for evaluation in the fourth year Practical examination.